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About Us    

Nice To Meet You!

Our hunch is someone you trusted mentioned our names, or you stumbled upon us online. Whatever path you took, we’re really glad you’re here. We are Eddie and Summer Teixeira (husband and wife duo). Surfers, entrepreneurs, gardeners, and surf lesson concierges dedicated to helping you learn to surf!

Eddie is originally from a little island in Brazil and started surfing when he was four!  Summer is a born and raised Texas girl (yee-haw) turned island girl.  We help families, kids, and beginners learn the FUNdamentals of surfing and teach them actionable steps to learn to surf!

 Over 285+ 5 Star Reviews!!

Students love to share with us that surfing on Maui was the highlight of their Hawaiian Vacation.  Don’t just take our word for it. Check out their testimonials and what they are saying on Trip AdvisorYelp, and Google.

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We want all of our students to be 100% happy and offer a high standard of customer service.  If you have questions when booking surf lessons, contact us. We are happy to assist!

Through everything we offer — we are here to make a difference. Our company is built on a bedrock of love, a commitment to serve, and to bring you the very best tips so you can learn to surf and ride waves!

Yoga and Mobility Workouts 

Yoga and mobility workouts complement surfing and are great ways to warm up before paddling out, for stretching out after surfing and to stay in shape between surf sessions and/or surf trips.  Get our free online mobility flows, workouts, fitness tips, and simple healthy recipes at

We highly encourage professional yoga/fitness instruction in the beginning to learn the correct positioning and alignment of the poses and movement patterns. If you would like to join in-person yoga classes while on Maui and/or add a massage to your trip, contact us and we are happy to give a referral of where to go on Maui in the Kihei/Wailea area.

Shop Yoga Pants – Great for the water!

Get your favorite yoga pants that you can wear all day — from the gym to the market, to that beach cafe.  Get a pair or 3. You will want numerous prints and colors. UV 50+ UPF Sun Protection. Handmade near Eddie’s hometown in Brazil. High  Quality. Fit Great.  Soft. Comfortable. Quick Dry. Breathable. Great for so many activities including yoga, walking, running, surfing, kayaking, canoeing, pilates, dance, and more. Shop Now >>

Thank you for visiting us!

– Eddie and Summer (Petres) Teixeira