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Want To Know What To Do On Your Maui Vacation?

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We get asked frequently by our family, friends, and surf students what we recommend they do on Maui. To help them out, we put together these tips and suggestions… and now you can have them too!

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This ‘Maui Vacation Guide’ will help you: 

✅ Decide what kind of vacation you want (are you a resort goer, sightseer, or a hardcore adventurer).

✅ Choose what areas of the island you want to see (each side is uniquely different, get a quick overview).

✅ Select what type of accommodation you want to stay in (get the 3 questions to ask when deciding where to stay).

✅ Plan your transportation to get around (find out your options and if you really need a car).

✅ Pick the activities you want to enjoy (get a list of our favorite ideas)!