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Surf Checklist – What To Remember To Pack

textHeading out to surf for the day is one of our favorite activities.  It’s so fun to spend time in the water and sun riding waves.  However, there are numerous things to remember to load in the car before departing as it can be frustrating to get all the way to your destination and then realize you forgot something.

After doing this numerous times over many years, we decided to make a surf checklist of things to remember to pack.  This way it helps make hitting the road for a surf session quick and simple.

Note:  When you book surf lessons with us all surf equipment is included making learning to surf very simple. However, if you are going to go surfing on your own… you will need to remember numerous things.

To help you prepare and pack your own vehicle for when you are heading out to surf on your own, we are sharing our surf checklist of things to remember to pack.

✅ Surf Board: Remember to pack your favorite board to take with you.  If you have more than one board option pack a couple of different size boards.  This way you have options depending on the conditions once you actually arrive at your destination.

✅ Leash: Double check this is already on your board and maybe take a backup to have just in case.

✅ Wax: Grab a couple of these to have available.

✅ Wetsuit: Make sure to pack your favorite wetsuit or rash guard.

✅ Swimsuit: Remember your favorite swimsuit or swim trunks to wear in the water.

✅ Hat: Take your favorite hat for sun protection.

✅ Hairband: If you like to keep your hair out of your face while in the water, pack a couple of hair bands to pull your hair back.

✅ Sunblock: Make sure to pack your favorite reef-safe sunblock.

✅ Straps: Unless your boards fit inside your vehicle, remember your surf straps to tie them up on top of your vehicle.

✅ Flip Flops/Shoes Can Leave At The Beach: Take some shoes you can keep at the beach while you get in the water.

✅ Towel: Remember a dry towel or two for after-surfing.

✅ Dry Clothes for After Surfing:   Having dry clothes for after your surf session is nice to have to change into when you get out of the water.

✅ Water for Showering: Take a big water jug to rinse off when you get out of the water.  Pro tip:  We fill ours up with hot water and it feels so nice and like a treat when you go to rinse off.

✅ Water Bottle for Drinking: Take a big water bottle to hydrate before and after getting in the water.

✅ Surf Bucket (for wet items): This is very convenient to have to toss all your wet items into after surfing to keep your car organized and from the wet items getting on things.

✅ Surf Snack (for after): Yum Yum!   Take a snack for yourself and something to share with a friend.

There you go…

This checklist will help you pack your car to go surfing and make remembering everything super simple.

And if you have any other items you think we should add to our list, let us know!

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