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Where Is The Best Place To Take Surf Lessons Near Wailea?


Do you want to surf while on Maui?  If you are planning your Hawaiian vacation on Maui and want to take surf lessons near Wailea, come join us in Kihei which is just a few minutes away driving.

Where to Take Surf Lessons Near Wailea

The closest surf lessons to Wailea are located in the heart of Kihei at Kalama Beach Park.  The park has gentle beginner-friendly waves making it a perfect place to learn to surf and progress your skills.  Beginner and intermediate surfers will feel immediately at home because wave riders of all skill levels frequent this surf location.

When and Where are Surf Lessons Near Wailea

Surf lesson(s) are in the mornings Monday – Saturday and we typically recommend the earlier the better.  We offer private, semi-private, and group surf lessons.  Lessons are two hours and all equipment is included.

You Can Progress Your Surf Skills With Multiple Day Surf Lessons Near Wailea

If you are interested in progressing your surf skills, then more time in the water is what you need.  Book Multiple Day Surf Lessons and learn the anatomy of a surfboard, surf etiquette, ocean awareness, safety tips, paddling techniques, pop-up, reading the waves, timing, turning, and navigation skills.

What to Bring to Surf Lessons Near Wailea

We provide all the surf equipment you need to learn to surf (boards, reef shoes, rash guards).  In addition to wearing something to surf in, we also recommend bringing sunblock, a towel to dry off after surfing class, and water to hydrate.   You may also want to bring some dry clothes to change into after your lesson, as directly across the street from the park are cute cafes, restaurants, and fun shops that sell fun Hawaiian trinkets and products by local artists.

How to Get to Surf Lessons Near Wailea

Contact us and book your surf lessons!

Once you confirm your surf lesson booking(s) you will receive a receipt and confirmation email with directions to the surf van at Kalama Park.  Most of our students have a rental car, or they arrange transportation with their hotel and/or vacation rental.   Uber and Lyft are also popular forms of transportation.  We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes early to park and check-in for surfing classes.

We would love to get you and your family in the water… Book now!

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