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5 Tips To Know Before Taking Surf Lessons


Here are five tips that will ensure you have a great learning experience and get the most out of your surf lessons.

Learn to Surf on Maui

Tip #1 – Use the Right Board

Every surf lesson is best when you use the right surfboard.  Regardless of your experience in other sports (snowboarding/skate boarding/etc.), and/or age, learning to surf with the right equipment is the best way to get the most out of your surf lesson(s).  Learning on a longboard provides the most stability so you can learn much faster and have a ton of fun.

Tip #2 – Pick the Right Location

Make sure that your surf lesson(s) are at a location with waves suitable for your skill level.  We are located in Kihei at Kalama Park.  The gentle break of the wave and semi-shallow water make this one of the best places to learn to surf and progress your skills.

Surfer Surfer

Tip #3 – Start on the Land

Before you run and jump in the water spend time with your surf instructor on the land going over safety, surf etiquette, paddling, and pop up techniques.  These lessons will prepare you for when you are in the water.

Tip #4 – Photos

Photos are an excellent way to share your experience with loved ones, as well as see yourself in action to learn from and improve your skills.  Photos can be added to your surf lesson(s) at an additional fee.

Tip #5 – Positive Vibes

Surfing is all about good times and having fun!  There is a lot to learn about surfing (including but not limited to: the anatomy of a surfboard, surf etiquette, ocean awareness, safety tips, paddling techniques, pop-up, reading the waves, timing, turning, navigation skills).  Learn to surf with instructors full of supportive positive vibes.

Ready to learn to surf and have fun?  

Here’s What To Do Next:  Book Your Maui Surf Lessons!

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